Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories

1.20.146 Xbox 360 controller app for Windows

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Software package that enables you to customize and configure the settings of your Xbox 360 controller for PC gaming.

Monitors and provides notifications for the battery level of Xbox 360 controllers connected to a Windows PC.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories is a freeware controller monitoring app and driver, developed by Microsoft for Windows. It's pretty well-designed.

The download has been tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.


Provides functionality for Xbox accessories and controllers on Windows

Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories allows you to use Xbox peripherals on your Window system with an easy setup routine.

With this software and a compatible wireless receiver, you can use various Xbox 360 accessories such as wired and wireless game controllers, wired and wireless headsets, and wireless wheels for gaming on your computer.

Features of Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories

  • Battery Status: Monitor the battery status of your Xbox 360 wireless controllers for uninterrupted gaming.
  • Button Mapping: Customize button assignments and create personalized controller configurations for different games.
  • Controller Calibration: Calibrate and fine-tune controller sensitivity and response for precise gameplay.
  • Controller Test: Test and verify the functionality of your Xbox 360 controllers with built-in diagnostic tools.
  • Firmware Updates: Keep your Xbox 360 controllers up to date with the latest firmware for improved performance.
  • Game Compatibility: Enjoy broad game compatibility with popular PC games that support Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Guide Button Functionality: Access the Xbox Guide button functionality to navigate menus and control PC features.
  • Headset Integration: Use Xbox 360 wired or wireless headsets for in-game communication and audio chat.
  • Multiplayer Support: Connect and use multiple Xbox 360 controllers simultaneously for multiplayer gaming.
  • On-Screen Display: Display controller button mappings and inputs on-screen for quick reference during gameplay.
  • System Integration: Seamlessly integrate Xbox 360 controllers with Windows operating system for easy setup and usage.
  • Vibration Control: Adjust the intensity of controller vibration to suit your preferences.
  • Wired Controller Support: Connect and use Xbox 360 wired controllers for reliable and responsive gaming.
  • Wireless Adapter Support: Connect Xbox 360 wireless controllers using the wireless adapter for cable-free gaming.
  • Xbox 360 controller support: Connect and use your Xbox 360 controllers on your Windows PC for gaming and control.

Compatibility and License

Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories is provided under a freeware license on Windows from drivers with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and 1.20.146 is the latest version last time we checked.

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